Welcome to Williston Central Christian Academy

Our Purpose:
 Our purpose is to assist parents from multi-denominations in their endeavors to guide their children to embrace truth, strive for the highest in academic excellence and model Christian behavior and leadership throughout life. WCCA's goal is to guide every child in developing a God-centered philosophy of life (a Biblical worldview) that will allow him or her to be all he or she was created to be.

Our History:

As much around us is becoming more and more secular and the everyday environment has become one of self-indulgence and instant gratification of a "me-centered' society, in early January 2010, we sensed God's leading in our lives to channel our careers as educators from public education to a private Christian arena. We are two educators with over fifty-two years combined experience, including areas of teaching, curriculum, and administration. Additionally, we are both parents and grandparents and see the tremendous conflicts that have emerged in education today and the overwhelming challenges they are creating for our children and teenagers. Furthermore, over the last few years, we have witnessed major shifts in the philosophy of education as the political agenda has continued to push further separation of church and state, changing the moral atmosphere and focus of public education, removing more and more local control and shifting it toward a standardized secular worldview. With this background knowledge and diligently bathed in prayer, we have moved forward in our vision to provide parents and students an educational choice. On July 26, 2010, Williston Central Christian Academy was incorporated and currently serves students in grades K-12th. 

The Campus:

WCCA is located at 225 S.E. 4th Street and is currently renovating our Chapel area to better serve our drama students. At the present time we have four main buildings (administrative, elementary, middle school, and multi-purpose) and two large modular portables.