Matt Brooks
Board President

He was born and raised in Williston and graduated in 1996 from WHS. He enlisted in the US Army where he proudly served in Operation Joint Guard in Taszar, Hungary as a Traffic Coordination Manager. Once stateside, Matt attended The University of North Florida where he received his Bachelors in Marketing & Public Relations. Matt has always been a strong believer in volunteerism and community support. He is a past board member and current volunteer for WYAA, and also serves on the City of Williston's Chapter 185 Pension Board. Matt currently works as an Account Executive for Amedisys Home Health in Gainesville where he works with Doctors and Nurses to provide quality healthcare at home for our neighbors in need. Matt is blessed with being married to Angie Brooks and having their three children, Baylin, Berkley and Brityn. Matt believes WCCA is the future of our community and is preparing our children to become disciples to spread the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. WCCA is not only raising disciples but is also teaching our children the value of family and creating a strong moral fabric.

Matt Marino
Vice President

He is currently Field Superintendent for Oelrich Construction Inc. in Gainesville and oversees many construction projects throughout our region. Matt is a 2000 graduate of Williston High School and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida. He is married to the former Grace Traylor and they, along with their three young children --- Michael, Madelyn, & Daniel --- reside in Williston. They are active in their church and offer their services to its various ministries, including nursery and drama team. As a devoted Christian husband and father, Matt has a deep sense of commitment to his responsibility as a WCCA Board member; a project he feels will positively affect his family and the lives of other people in this community. He firmly believes it is God’s will that WCCA is destined to make an impact on our community and shift the status quo in our area towards an education that will produce productive, moral leaders to serve our community as it teaches Christian ideals with a classical education approach.

Jason Welborn

He received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Florida State University and then worked two years with a public accounting firm prior to entering the banking profession. For the past eleven years, he has held various positions in banking, and is currently Chief Operations officer and Executive Vice President of First Avenue National Bank in Ocala. He is active as a coach in the Williston Youth Athletic Association, is a Councilman and Sunday School teacher at his church, and serves on the Board of Directors for Pediatric Primary Care Foundation, a non-profit organization in Ocala that serves children with special medical needs. He is married to Kelly and has two children, Turner 13 and Payton 10. Jason believes in the mission of W.C.C.A. and would like to see every student afforded the opportunity that his own children have had to be educated in an environment where God is placed first and Christian principles are taught in conjunction with the academic curriculum.

Erik Brooks
Board Member

He is a graduate of Williston High School. He then earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Finance/Insurance) from the University of Florida in 1987 and currently partners with his father in their insurance business. Erik, along with his wife Ginger and their three children---Logan, Tyler, and Shelby---are life-long residents of Williston and are all highly involved in community affairs and church life. Erik is a member of the Williston Church of God Leadership Team and serves on the Church Council and is the Youth Pastor, a position he has held for the last 22 years. He is a past president of the Williston Youth Athletic Association and remains active in issues and events involving young people of all ages. He is passionate about providing families in our area an education choice for their children which combines strong biblical principles and excellence in academics, along with a learning environment which strengthens the family unit and empowers students to impact their community and the world for Jesus Christ.

Tim Rogers
Board Member

He is a lifetime resident of Williston, graduated from Williston High School and then served a four-year apprenticeship at the Gainesville Academy of Electrical Technology prior to testing for and earning his electrical license. He is a project manager for Miller Electric Company at their Gainesville branch office and is responsible for estimating and managing projects throughout North Central Florida. He further serves his trade on various leadership and training committees. Tim and his wife, Donna, a Registered Nurse, have one grown son Colby and one grandson. Colby and his wife Shannon also reside in Williston. Tim enjoys spending time with his family and friends in all types of water sports and at their family cabin on Lookout Mountain. Tim also serves his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ as an active member of First Baptist Church Williston, its body of deacons, youth group team and men’s service team. He firmly maintains the family is the building block God uses to shape and strengthen our society. He believes Williston should have an option for their children, grandchildren and beyond to receive an education, based on God’s truth, through a Christian school that will equip them to lead our community, state and nation.

Steve Traylor
Board Member

He is a Vice-President of WW Gay Mechanical of Gainesville. As a supervisor, estimator, and manager in Gainesville, Ocala and surrounding areas, Steve is responsible for overseeing projects at Shands, UF, Santa Fe, the Veterans Administration Hospital and local area schools. He graduated from Williston High and received his AA degree from Chipola Jr. College in Marianna. Steve and his wife Michelle, a local librarian, have three grown children, Davy, Luke and Grace and three grandchildren. Being a tightly knit family unit, they enjoy spending time with them, especially long vacations at their family farm in Alabama. Steve is a dedicated Christian servant, very committed to his church, and feels a sense of responsibility both to God and to his community to be part of birthing a Christian school for the area, believing that it will make a tremendous impact for the good of our children, grandchildren and generations to come.